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So, Netflix Canada launched today. As a (fairly) loyal subscriber, I was worried, but to be honest, I can do without putting DVDs in the mail every week. Since we can watch Netflix on the Wii, I thought I’d sign up for a trial month.

I tried to find things I’d want to see. Netflix is drawing blanks. I took my list of 30 movies I have queued at Zip to see how they compare. It’s not so good:

# Title Netflix
1 A Single Man
2 The Dish
3 Becoming Jane
4 October Sky
5 Playtime
6 The Commitments
7 The Cove
8 Storytelling
9 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
10 Princess Mononoke
11 Kiki’s Delivery Service
12 Whisper of the Heart
13 Salesman
14 Festival Express
15 Fat Girl (A ma soeur!)
16 Adam
17 Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot)
18 A Chorus Line
19 This is England
20 Crumb
21 The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection
22 Old-Time Banjo Styles
23 Learning Mountain Dulcimer
24 Animation Greats!
25 Black Cat, White Cat
26 Northfork
27 Leningrad Cowboys: Total Balalaika Show
28 The Turning Point
29 Winter’s Bone
30 Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Available 70% 7%

The unavailable titles at Zip are ones they know about, and will try to find. Not surprisingly, all of them are also not available from Netflix. The only ones I could watch at Netflix are October Sky and This Is England. And would you credit it, but didn’t the DVD for October Sky just arrive yesterday …

Look, I know it’s early days, but Netflix needs to get a bunch better in the next 30 days. Oh, and it could do with some CanCon – it’s very weak there.

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  1. you’ll have a lot more fun with netflix If you look for something you like in what they have than looking for a movie.

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