a wee corner of Scotland at Ellesmere & McCowan

Serendipity: took a wrong turn coming out of the
federal building, and found ourselves in Scottish culinary heaven (which is not an oxymoron, I assure you). At the corner of Ellesmere & McCowan is The But ‘n’ Ben Butchers; they sell all sort of quality Scottish foods. So far, we’ve sampled and can approve their butcher’s pies, plain bread and empire biscuits. They’ve also got a supply of UK Heinz Beans, which knock the gummy North American beans into a cocked hat.
Next door but one is St Andrews Fish & Chips. They’re amazing. I think the chips (hand cut, of course) are deep fried in some unhealthy, but tasty, animal byproduct. And they have Irn Bru, too …


  1. I know it’s heresy, but I’ve grown a fondness for the Heinz Maple-style Beans. With a little butter they’re rather good. They have a good, firm consistency, but the sauce is a little runny without the butter.

  2. Heresy indeed! And here was I going to offer you a can, too! Sheesh!

    (Mind you, you have a Denninger’s in Hamilton. They stock ’em. They’re also a kind of “Meats of the World”)

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