Canada supporting copy-controlled CDs

Canada, though its Sound Recording Development Program, supports local musical talent. Canada also permits private copying of music as part of its Copyright Act, and levies a charge on recordable media to support this.

BC band the Be Good Tanyas acknowledge the support of the government’s program on their new album, “Chinatown”. Unfortunately, their record label EMI Canada has decided to copy-control the CD, depriving us of our rights to make a private copy of the work. The band is not happy about this, and ask you to complain to their label.

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  1. Why should I as a consumer buy copy controlled cd? “It will not play in my vehicle stereo, I returned the cd and would not purchase the same cd because of the copy controlled status.” I wrote To EMI and got a letter back to actually send them the cd and they will replace the cd at no charge. Why am I not sending it back? I do not want another cd with copy controlled coding. I will keep my money and burn it off the internet for free!!!!

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