seq for OS X

It has always irked me that OS X doesn’t have the seq command (I am easily irked). Brian Peterson’s old e-mail Re: seq from core utils has it, but the link to sh-utils doesn’t work any more, since the project has been archived. Here’s the new link: Compile it as Brian suggested, and all will be well.

$ seq 1 12

(at least 99% of you will be mystified why anyone would want this.)

big ole bagel

City Cafe Bakery, at the corner of Victoria & Strange (!) in Kitchener has the best bagels.

I hadn’t been there for years. Last time was with Steve Izma (typesetter and BTL Books guru) and his family, who are regulars.

Being Scottish and consequently dough-addicted, CCB is heaven.

best beat neat nest

Beware, nerdiness follows: I generally like my BlackBerry 7130e, but its multiple letters per key can sometimes give the wrong result. Using word frequency lists from the British National Corpus, sqlite, and way too much programming time, I determined that the key sequence with the most possible word results (81?2) produces best, beat, neat or nest. The device itself suggests also brat and bray, so I should try a longer word list — in my copious free time, of course.
The longest (common words in the corpus) that have the same key sequence are employers and employees, which might briefly cause hilarity in an HR or legal context.

fido sms e-mail

Looks like it’s down in some way; my daily condition monitoring e-mail didn’t get through to the address, and neither did other subsequent tests.