i’d like to apologize

for submitting The Music TapesMusic Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes to freedb under the genre reggae; all the other genres I tried had a disc ID clash.

Above all, though, draw a tiny musical note on your acorn.

Rise Up Singing! in freedb

It took me a while, but I finally put all the track information for Sing Out!‘s Rise Up Singing teaching CDs (also on the artists’ website) on freedb. I was given the data just over a year ago by Mark D. Moss, the editor of Sing Out! magazine.
The discs are:

Perhaps what took longest was working out a UTF-8 safe processing workflow, from converting the original Excel table to e-mailing the entries to the freedb server. Let’s just say that OpenOffice, sqlite, and Perl were very helpful here.

that’ll learn me

… to buy so many CDs at the Midwest Banjo Camp. I’ve spent the last couple of hours keying in track listings for The Old Time Banjo Festival, Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole, and Neil Woodward. Please, please please don’t let me have to do the same for the Uncle Dave Macon set, ‘cos then I’ll be here all day.


I’ve been looking for a program that would, given a directory of MP3s ripped
from a CD, calculate the freedb DiscID, and get the names from there. Today I found mp3cddb, a Perl/shell program to do just that. It’s a little old — it only supports ID3v1 — but it’s GPL, so we can fix it.