stats stats lay down flat

blog stats for yesterday: over 4000 hitsOh my. This blog is usually a quiet little backwater, ticking along on a few hundred hits a day. And I’m okay with that. But yesterday, my astonishingly impractical QR code clock hit the front page of, and blammo! More visitors than I thought possible. Are there really over 4000 people who read that? Cor, to use a good British comic-ism.

I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years, filed under what could only charitably be called “miscellaneous”. Yesterday, I got 2% of all the hits I’ve ever had. See the tiny little bar just to the left of the big one? Yeah, that was my previous best ever, with nearly 600 hits.

24 hours after sending 286 digital QSL cards …

Of the 286 secure digital QSL cards I sent, 8 were undeliverable. I’ve had 25 responses so far:

  • Fourteen positive
  • Three wondering if I hadn’t seen their confirmation on eQSL/QRZ/LoTW
  • Two that don’t accept QSLs of any kind
  • One language issue; I have “Report” when “RST/RSQ” might be clearer internationally
  • One completely neutral
  • One auto responder
  • One with no record of a QSO in their log
  • One saying their callsign has been hijacked and that they are no longer an active ham
  • One negative

Of the positive ones:

  • Two have also sent real QSL cards (thanks, guys, but really, you shouldn’t have …)
  • Two asked how I did it.

Pretty good and quick response, I thought.