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stats stats lay down flat

blog stats for yesterday: over 4000 hitsOh my. This blog is usually a quiet little backwater, ticking along on a few hundred hits a day. And I’m okay with that. But yesterday, my astonishingly impractical QR code clock hit the front page of, and blammo! More visitors than I thought possible. Are there really over 4000 people who read that? Cor, to use a good British comic-ism.

I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years, filed under what could only charitably be called “miscellaneous”. Yesterday, I got 2% of all the hits I’ve ever had. See the tiny little bar just to the left of the big one? Yeah, that was my previous best ever, with nearly 600 hits.

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Well you have 100% inspired me to pursue physical computing so I think your adaptation is FAR from impractical! Hopefully I can get a sanitary copy of the file which will actually run, so I can test this bad boy out!

The new with the included nokiaSPI fixed the issue! I get the LCD Display Test now, awesome! Now I just need to wait for the LCDs to arrive and then I can get cracking. Really appreciate what you’ve done here, I think this is going to make for countless hours of interesting entertainment for me.

That is quite a jump in hits for sure cobber. I have had at most 949 views for a single posting. I take my hat off to you.

Keep up the good work.

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