24 hours after sending 286 digital QSL cards …

Of the 286 secure digital QSL cards I sent, 8 were undeliverable. I’ve had 25 responses so far:

  • Fourteen positive
  • Three wondering if I hadn’t seen their confirmation on eQSL/QRZ/LoTW
  • Two that don’t accept QSLs of any kind
  • One language issue; I have “Report” when “RST/RSQ” might be clearer internationally
  • One completely neutral
  • One auto responder
  • One with no record of a QSO in their log
  • One saying their callsign has been hijacked and that they are no longer an active ham
  • One negative

Of the positive ones:

  • Two have also sent real QSL cards (thanks, guys, but really, you shouldn’t have …)
  • Two asked how I did it.

Pretty good and quick response, I thought.

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