An Intel Galileo running without wires

Pretty much did everything here: Intel Galileo Meets Wireless, except I used one of the supported cards. These are the components that I bought on eBay:

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computers suck goatee-stroking musing, or something

Wonderful blank Terms & Conditions

I’d just like to go on the record that Intel made me accept these Terms & Conditions when logging on their Space: Makers | Intel Communities site:intel-tcs-2014-02-08-15:43:04Yup, completely blank. I guess I can do anything I want now, eh?

computers suck

better not the other operator

Intel has a new ad campaign: Better than divide, eh?

goatee-stroking musing, or something

the monopoly on free money

from a familiar note
It’s a licence to print money! Well, Monopoly® money, that is. But you can’t have everything; it doesn’t stop people from trying, though.

The above image is copyrighted, trademarked, service-marked and intellectually-propertized 15-ways-to-Sunday by Hasbro. I hereby acknowledge that I’m a very naughty person to have nicked it for my website, and have felt good and contrite for at least the last 5 (five) seconds. But then, since Hasbro own the rights to my earliest published writings (long story: they bought Database Publications, for whom I used to write) and are sitting on the goldmine that is the film rights to Stardodger (my first, and only, game), I think they’ve done okay from me.