last past th’ epost

I’ve had a full billing cycle go through epost now, and would like to note that:

  • EFT direct payment — the kind I had to send through a void cheque — isn’t actually supported by any of the companies I use. It might be my bank being useless, but it’s a waste of time for me. I still have to faff with online banking for payments.
  • The “Record a Payment” feature appears to be designed for inline PDF viewing. It took me ages to find it on the bill page, since my PDF bills appear in Preview.
  • My second favourite utility, Bell Canada (the first being all the others), seems to want me to use their online One Bill service rather than epost. Bell Canada posts their bills on their internal system first, then on epost a few days later.

Yours truly, ‰te>a…t

I like epost. I’d like it even more if they hurried up and processed my direct payment ability — which required a form and a void cheque mailed to an address in Toronto — but it’s a pretty good service. I get my bills, viewable and payable online, on the day of issue. No paper. This is good.

This is good because every single filing container I buy eventually ends up full of (paid) bills and financial administrivia. Less paper = less messy Stewart = happy Stewart. Some messes, like my electronics table, could be classed as glorious, however, and therefore joyous in their creation and use. Not all tidiness is good.

So I got my first Visa bill by e-post. Yay! Reviewed it, paid it. No hassle. But since this a PDF facsimile of my bill, something mighty odd has happened to my address:

It’s a perfect substitution cypher of my name and address. I’ve been out of the prepress industry for long enough not to immediately recognize it as a font encoding error. I’m confused why it might have A, T, E & N, but no M. Odd indeed.