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actually quite happy to see this

Dammit, E-UAE is fiddly to set up. I finally got hard disk images working, by doing something like this:

  1. For an 160MB image, create the blank file: dd if=/dev/zero of=blank160.hdf bs=1M count=160
  2. Add the file specification to your .uaerc, something like: hardfile2=rw,DH2:$(FILE_PATH)/Amiga/blank160.hdf,32,1,2,512,-12,
    (Yeah, linux e-uae doesn’t allow you to add in HDF images. Annoying.)
  3. I found I had to put the amiga system executable FastFileSystem in with my ROM path. Your path may vary – look at the UAE log output for something like ‘RDB: fakefilesys, trying to load ...‘, and see where you want it to go.
  4. Pop into UAE, start a CLI or Shell, and issue this command: format DRIVE DH2: NAME hd160 FFS QUICK

I’ve updated the drive images from yesterday, so you probably won’t need to format them.

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Thank you!
The comment about the ‘fastfilesystem’ file was exactly what I needed. For 3 weeks I’ve been banging my head configuring, reconfiguring, etc, trying to get it to work with a hardfile.

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