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NB to readers: I am not the Recoverfab guy. I can’t help you recover images.

A friend has baby pictures on an SD card, which said baby later found and used as an inappropriate teething aid. Yeah, yeah, I know …

He asked me to try to get the pictures back. I couldn’t read the card. It even fried one of my card readers. I tried RescuePRO, PhotoRec and PhotoRescue: no dice. Downtown Camera returned it as unreadable (and declined to charge me anything).

So I asked metafilter, and someone suggested Recoverfab in Germany. I sent the card off last week, and waited …

Got an e-mail at 06:30 this morning that they’d received the card, with a latest completion date of a week. Before 09:00, received a second e-mail with a link to picture samples and payment options. Have paid (not cheap – €89, but they got results) and am awaiting the FTP link.

Many thanks to Leopold Hiersche for his excellent results.


  1. Many thanks for the suggestion. I have had damaged cards in the past and had to toss them away due to my lack of knowledge. Too bad I didn’t discover this earlier. 🙁

  2. i have one sd card of camera, i took photos last time , and it is not recognise by the computer neither by the card reader. I need to get that photos in it , how should i get it.

  3. Thanks so much for the information! You may have just saved our marriage! 🙂

  4. Hi I had similar problem. Recover fab have also appeared to have solved my problem. I to had tried a couple of online card recovery sites with no success. Recoverfab have recently sent me examples of photos they have saved. Now awaiting confirmation of price which is quite high over 200 euros. Although I had lost only about 400 photos the price for recovery is based on the size of sd card which in my case was 32 gb. Have learned my lesson from this I will not use a such a large capacity card again. Suppose however you could argue the photos are priceless.

  5. I have a memory card which was damaged somehow while inserting it into a picture frame.
    It is of a trip my wife and I took some time ago. Since then, my wife has suffered a stroke, so we’re through traveling. As a result, I want to retain as many memories as I can of our previous life (before the stroke).
    Bill Bean in Texas

  6. My brother and my sister-inlaw were taking pictures on their honeymoon. While on the honeymoon their camera started giving “this card cannot be used” message. When she tried to plug the card into the computer it give “the disk must be formatted” message. Since I’m a nerd I told them to let me look at the card, and I ran recovery software on it. The computer showed that it recognized the card but that it was empty and needed to be formatted. I looked on the internet and found a company called Recoverfab. The reviews were good so I decided to take a chance, figuring that if they couldn’t recover the pictures that I wasn’t any worse off, since they don’t charge if nothing is recovered. I am so glad, they emailed me when they received the card, and again when they recovered them. They sent a sample of 100 pictures of the 938 pictures that they recovered. I know my brother and his wife will be so thankful to have their memories.

  7. I used the recoverfab service it´s very professional and unfortunately i received my damaged SD card because the recovery attempt failed.

    The response of recoverfab is: the reason the memory chip is phisically damaged.

    Anybody knows an alternative?


  8. I have also used Recoverfab. My parents found that their SD card wasn’t working anymore and had been quoted £700 to recover the data which included photos from their 50th anniversary. The €150 offered by Recoverfab and the speed of service is well worth the money in comparison.

  9. I have a memory card with movie and pictures that are dear to me but can’t get them Can you help me?

  10. I can’t Jackie; I don’t offer this service but the company at the link does. Have you tried more conventional methods, like software recovery?

  11. We welcomed our first child on march 22. Like most first time parents we took an insane amount of pictures! Unfortunately when I went to upload the sandisk card, I received card error. You can imagine the sheer panic. I made a quick trip to wolf camera with newborn baby in tow and they were unable to upload the pictures. They left me with a basic sorry there is nothing we can do. I searched the Internet and found recoverfab. Hopeful & willing to give anything a try, I took the risk and mailed my card to Germany. Within a week I received a personal email from Recoverfab notifying me that they received my card and would respond shortly. The following day I received an email saying they were able to recover my images and I could see a sample for my viewing. I cannot thank Leopold at Recoverfab enough for his kindness, quick delivery, and service. Just recovering the pictures would have been enough, but he goes above and beyond with his quick turnaround time and service. Will certainly use him again and recommend his business to anyone else stuck in this situation.

  12. I also had a memory card that died. I tried numerous packages to attempt to recover the photos (including Card Recovery, Zero Assumption Recovery, and Tenorshare) with no success. In a matter of days Recoverfab was able to recover the photos. Strongly recommend if none of the standard software packages are successful.

  13. Whilst I was on holiday my camera suddenly said that ‘memory card error’. It wouldn’t allow me to view the photographs that I had already taken, and it wouldn’t allow me to take any more photographs. When I got home my computer wouldn’t recognise the memory card. For this reason all of the photo recovery software packages available wouldn’t work, because the computer didn’t recognise that a memory card had been inserted. I then took the memory card to a camera shop. They said there was nothing that they could do because none of their software recognised the existence of the memory card. I went home and searched the internet and found that other people had had a similar problem. They recommended Recoverfab in Germany. I e-mailed Leopold and he gave me an address to send my memory card to. Within a few days he had been able to retrieve all of the photographs on the memory card. The photographs were priceless, and I was so happy that he had been able to retrieve them. Thank you ever so much Leopold for your hard work and speedy service.

  14. Hi Scruss!

    I’m in a similar situation (lost videos on an SD card) and found RecoverFab online.

    I’m thinking about sending it to them but wanted to try and find some confirmation that it’s not a scam (based on all the good reviews, it almost seems too good to be true).

    Can you confirm that once you sent payment they returned all of your lost data?

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi Spencer – yes they did send everything. I’d pretty much only use them if it was a last resort. It was also over 6 years ago that I wrote this, so they may have competitors.

  16. Spencer – any luck? I’m in a similar situation. Went to Europe and took a ton of pics and now can’t recover them. They both initially worked fine, when I tried downloading them on the plane, but had to stop it immediately and put my comp away. A few days later back home when I tried to re-start the process and download the pics, my computer couldn’t detect the SD cards at all!!! Tried sticking it into the camera and they would just say “Card error”. I have over 2000 pics on them from my 1st trip to Europe and have asked around all local data recovery and computer places but they all keep telling me that the cards are fried :(. One is slightly bent down the middle, but it’s still intact. Did Recoverfab workout for you?


  17. Scruss – Can I contact you directly? Really want to make sure this place is legit!


  18. Saad – I sent out the SD card from California on April 15th. I just checked with the postal service and it is still on it’s way – I’ll be sure to let you know how everything works out once he receives it!

  19. Hi Saad!

    Just wanted to let you know that my SD card arrived at RecoverFab 2 days ago. WIthin 24hours of arrival, Leopold (owner of RecoverFab) emailed me with a screenshot of all of my recovered files! Once I sent payment, he sent me a Mediazilla link where I downloaded all of my footage that he had recovered.

    This guy is the real deal! I highly recommend!

    Hope that helps!


  20. Hi Spencer,

    That’s awesome! Yeah, I sent mine out a couple of days ago but unfortunately it’s stuck in Customs now, so waiting to hear back 😐 Btw you mentioned April 15th…I’m assuming you meant March 15th??

    Also, how much did it cost you for the entire download (How many pics/videos? etc…) Just so I know how much to budget 🙂

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