neater meter

My folks got this quite nifty meter free from their utility:
It’s also fun to be back, and be able to see Whitelee wind farm from all around.

Update: seems like it’s the Classic meter from Current Cost.


  1. Stewart,
    Is that price per month in UK pounds? Over UKP 300 per month? That’s a pretty substantial bill – how big is your parents’ place and how many giant TVs/hot tubs/saunas are they operating? Electric baseboard heating? I see they were running 4.7 kW at the time of the photo.

    Or is there a tiny decimal point that I’m not seeing in the photo?


    – Jim

  2. I think they had their halogen stove running when I took the picture – it gives very high loads for a very short time. Their bill is much less than that, but they typically pay more than double what we do for power.

  3. Oh, so the “monthly total” is just a projection of what you’d pay if your current draw were sustained over the month?
    What would be really handy is some kind of averaging, telling you how you’ve been doing for the past N days and how that will total up at the end of the month if you hold to that pattern. Maybe it has that buried inside – I see several “arrow keys” at the bottom for scrolling through options.

    My bike speedometer has a feature that collects my recent average speed, then uses a dot, arrow up or arrow down to say if I’m tracking at, above or below that running average.

  4. I’m sure my dad hasn’t fiddled with the display at all. If you check the Current Cost website, it looks like it’ll do what you need.

    Black & Decker have a similar device available here in Canada.

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