flying sucks

Flying – especially to the US – is such a tawdry experience. You trail out to a part of town that noone would otherwise go to, you wait in line, ticketing systems malfunction in ways that airline staff accept blindly, you wait in line again, a bored immigration official grills you half-heartedly, you wait in line again (this time without shoes), then you look forward to some dinner in the departure lounge – and have to make do with some cardboard pizza, since the only other choice is a hockey bar. And all of this is a good 90 minutes from your departure time.

Why does anyone put up with this?


  1. I’m not sure what is worse. The fact that you said “a part of town that noone would otherwise go to”, or that you live in Scarborough and said it! (I happen to live 5 mins from the YYZ airport)

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