mailbox fool

Can you believe the Outlook mailbox limit at work? 60MB. Yup. I’ve been forced to tidy up every week.
I can’y believe a program as widely used as Outlook has so many critical limitations. Storing mail in binary archive files of limited size? Please; so 1989.


  1. I can’t believe it. I have a couple of gigs in my mailbox, my boss has at least 4Gb. Sounds like a painful corporate policy. You may want to get to know and love “personal folders” that live on your local machine. Which is great until the HD dies and you lose everything.

  2. Wow, this brings back memories of Hbc. Oh the frustration! I think my limit was less than 60 megs too… As Paul suggested, it helps to put everything in Personal folders, but don’t forget to back up… I think I lost 6-7 months worth of email-related work when my computer died (and the help desk wasn’t particularly helpful!). If I remember, the limit was even more frustrating to the designers and art directors who worked with very large file sizes.

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