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little turbine on the desk

GE 'Your Wind Turbine In A Box'

I’ve finally managed to snag a model wind turbine. Thanks to Jay Wilgar at AIM Powergen, I now have a GE Your Wind Turbine in a Box 1/265 scale turbine, complete with tiny plastic cow.

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I’m with the Rhode Island (USA) Wind Alliance. Our director had a similar model but recently as it was on display at a event it took a spill to the disappointment of us all.

Any tips for tracking a new one down?


Talk to your GE dealer, Warrick. These are probably the easiest ones to get. Vestas, Siemens and Enercon are harder to get.

HELP!!! I need to get a turbine model by next week. Looking for something about 10 inches high. Can you tell me where you get this one?

thanks SO much.

I came across one. It’s for sale for the right price. I love it but if you love it more then we can talk. Happy New Years everybody.

Just wondering if you still have it Greg I would be willing to pay well for it if its a GE I have been in the wind industry for a few years and really would enjoy having one of these

I have a vestas wind turbine desk model with box that I got from a vestas employee that was in England promoting the turbines to customers. I was going to put in auction …anyone interested ..serious offers please as know they are rare

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