Grocery gateway: now with added uselessness

I used to be mad about Grocery Gateway. Now I’m mad at them.

Our last (and by last I mean final, never again, not just most recent) order was a disaster:

  • the delivery was made 15 minutes before our delivery window, at 5:45am.
  • the driver did not call beforehand.
  • the driver was discourteous to Catherine.
  • only 2/3 of the items we ordered were delivered.
  • some of the items appeared to be dirty and badly handled.
  • they’ve put an extra inexplicable charge of $75 on my credit card.

I e-mailed a complaint on the morning of the delivery, and an automated reply promised me a response within 24 hours. A week later, an anodyne semi-human response trickled in, hardly worth the bits it was printed on.

The whole Grocery Gateway/Longo’s debacle has caused quite a stooshie on GTABloggers, with voxpopgirl more than sharing my outrage. A self-described PR-flack for Longo’s tried to make amends by saying how much in debt GG was, how Longo’s pride themselves on exemplary customer service, how hard a job it was, blah blah, rhubarb rhubarb. No ice was cut.

Longo’s cancelled the order of a person with disabilities. Is it possible to get worse PR than that?

Good riddance,Longo’s Grocery Gateway. I won’t shop with you any more, and I’d strongly recommend other to take their money elsewhere.

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