Office Party, Canadian Tradition

It was our office party last night. I had, I’m told, the quintessential Canadian suburban experience — a 40 of Olde E, and a monster bag of Sun Chips. And I’m still alive, apparently.

I’d better translate. “Olde E” is more properly known as Pabst Olde English 800 Malt Liquor. It’s 7.9% alcohol. It’s sold in 40 ounce bottles, so that’s 1.18 litres of beer-like substance. And it’s $3.95 at the LCBO, but quite how control is involved in selling this much alcohol for so little money, I don’t know.

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  1. Stewart,

    I’m concerned that you may have a Sun Chip problem. Perhaps you should consider Sun Chips Anonymous, a 12 step program for people with similar problems. Many good people have had great success restoring lives ruined by the obsessions for Sun Chips. The following is an excerpt from the Johns Hopkins Sun Chips dependency test. Give it a quick look and ask yourself if this describes you. God bless. Signed: A Freind.

    1. Do you eat Sun Chips alone?
    2. Have you missed work as a result of Sun Chips?
    3. Do your friends complain about your consumption of Sun Chips?
    4. When you eat Sun Chips are you able to stop at will?
    5. If you are unable to eat Sun Chips are you restless, irritable and discontented?

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