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WindSave cleans up

If you go to WindSave’s website, you’ll note that their performance claims have gone.

Update, 5 April 2004: I am no longer supplying their PDF brochure. WindSave does not seem keen to back up their product with reliable technical information. If their original dimensions were accurate, here is all you need to know about WindSave’s designs (and why they won’t work) .

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Please forward what info you have. I’d like to help fund a credible enterprise of this nature in the Netherlands.


I am dubious about thier claims (windsave) and I fin d thier price for a domestic generator to be quite expensive (750) for something that you could construct from maplins plus B&Q products.
A box with rotating blades is not rocket science nor clad in gold!

Please could you forward me a copy of the windsave pdf – I would be very interested to see it too.

Have Windsave made any comment on your calculations, which seem to put great doubts on their extravagant claims ?

Many thanks.

Type in Windsave into any search engine and before long you will come across stories about them making £10m sales and contemplating floating on the stock market. Funny for a company that hasn’t even got past the (third/fourth) prototype model of turbine (which seems to be going backwards)!!!

This seems like an exercise for the company to generate a lot of hype, collect a lot of names from people interested in a genuine niche market and ply the government for more funding – for what? lining someones pockets with no intention of producing a valid product?

Come on folks! generate 230V and feed it back into your circuits via a 13A plug and socket arrangement???? How is that safe! How will that ever pass the BS tests! Even the energy minister was a consultant for the company!

Do some digging yourself if youur not totally convinced – I dare you!!!

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