first try with Inkscape

I made a card for Catherine:

The original has her contact details, which I’ve left out here. I’d never used Inkscape before; the tricky part was working out the layer alignment while allowing for the bleed. I exported it as a 600 dpi PNG, then sent it to Staples Copy & Print. Turned out pretty well, I thought.

PNG graphics on Movable Type

My host doesn’t support the graphics library that Movable Type prefers for making thumbnail images. Six Apart shows you how to use NetPBM, which is supported.

I also discovered that the version I’m running doesn’t do PNG graphic handling. That’s easily fixed. In lib/MT/, change the line:
my %Types = (jpg => 'jpeg', gif => 'gif');
my %Types = (jpg => 'jpeg', gif => 'gif', png => 'png');

As a Perl guy, I’m mildly horrified with the way this code works, but it won’t bite most people.