ATTiny programming board

It’s amazing what you can do when you raid your parts bin …

Featuring fully configurable M-F jumpers so I can program (pretty much) any Atmel ATTiny microcontroller up to 28 pins. Might be able to do some ATMegas too.

knock yourselves out, guys …

I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to use the sort-of Arduino-compatible HamStack — billed as a microcontroller platform especially for amateur radio operators —in preference to developing amateur radio applications for Arduino, but chacun à son thingy. The PIC-based [I’d link to the PIC info page, but Microchip is giving me an internal server error] platform may have a few more IO pins than the stock Arduino, but:

  • development tools are expensive
  • there’s no cross-platform support
  • no direct USB support, either.

Some folks may already have gone to the expense of a PIC-based toolchain, but for beginners, it could be prohibitive. Maybe better to develop and improve radio applications for Arduino.

8 legs of awesomeness

This is an ATtiny85. It’s a multi-MIP microcontroller. It’s $2.50 in quantity one. It has 8K of flash. You can program it in C. It’s the same size as a 555. It will kick your ass.