i really do remember when all this was fields: fresh sweet cron

fresh sweet cronAt the corner of Warden & Steeles, there was a little farm. It’s gone now. I think they were better at growing than spelling.

groundhog gone

Was up in Markham at Pacific Mall. Having a few minutes to spare, I went over to my favourite groundhog-spotting spot on Warden north of Dennison. Horrors! It has been landscaped, and all the burrows filled in.

first groundhog of 2006

On the rockery at the ex-Beaver Lumber place on Warden just north of Dennison. I used to see ’em here when I worked at Gandalf.

It was big, fat, and looked a bit grumpy.

Just after seeing this one, I saw another at a familiar haunt at Warden and Dennison. It’s springtime!

i really do remember when all this were fields, lad …

Off to markham, to are some of my old haunts. The sweetcorn and pumpkin truck farm is now buried under a mall. Gandalf Graphics is now a self-storage, after Larry Downey and the few remaining staff went to Total Graphics in Vaughan. Most of the fields where I watched groundhogs gambol are now building sites.

Is nostalgia supposed to cut in after less than four years? At least one thing remains the same; Markham Delight in the 1st Markham mall still does the best fried beef rice noodle you can get for $5. And that soymilk they have!

cron, gone

fresh sweet cron
This is the sign that used to be at the farm on the corner of Steeles and Warden. If you go there now, it’s just a mini-mall. The geese that used to roost there will be confused.

This sign is vaguely amusing if you know the famous Unix scheduling tool, cron.