1. I really can’t find the words… But THANK YOU…

    I only happened upon your tribute several days ago whilst thinking of Paul, and I am so touched by and appreciative of your words…. As art in itself it obviously works beautifully and meaningfully, but at this 15 year milestone I am so enormously touched and heartened by you remembering Paul too (much of my summer has been filled with thoughts of him).

    We’re Not Alone

  2. You’re welcome, Mairi. Paul Carter isn’t someone you’d forget easily.

    I’m remembering the time that Paul coloured a perfect square with a highlighter on their white family cat, Snowy. She had a pink side for weeks.

  3. Aw, Snowy, she was pretty ancient but beautiful by the time I first met her – and Paul and her clearly adored each other! Thank you for making me smile again.. I only happened upon your comments as was thinking of Paul so much (his birthday on 4th March) & actually googled date he died, as i still can’t believe he’s been gone from our world so long… I miss him dreadfully, and am still haunted by my last sight of him cycling away from me back to his summer school class at the art college after we met for a coffee, only a few days before he died.
    It still feels bizarre that Paul could possibly not still BE… he was so alive and such an important part of so many lives. I’ll miss him forever.

  4. I knew him when he first moved to Edin. Our paths merged then diverted. He made differences.

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