Almost as good as “Keyboard Missing: Press F1” …

Bought an RJ Tech DVD player today because it has VGA output, and we have a spare 19″ monitor. It seems that you need a composite video display to be able to use the on-screen menu to select VGA Out on this unit. This is teh smrt programming.

Update: Yup, the RJ Tech RJ-800DVX does need to have the VGA output enabled from a composite video source. This is very strange, as the composite does seem to work with the VGA enabled, so why not enable both out the box? I’m glad I still had my Plextor TV tuner from my abortive attempts to run a PVR. I hooked it up to the PC and DVD player, fiddled with it until I got an image, then selected VGA video output. It works beautifully now, playing every region of DVD, MP3 CD, and downloaded MPEG I can throw at it.

Update #2: Just got this e-mail from RJ Tech:

N/P won’t solve the problem.
You need to press V-mode to change the dvdplayer setting to VGA mode.

I’m sure I did this and it didn’t work, but props to RJ Tech for answering in one business day for a $50 player.

Update #3 – 12 August:  I’m now on my third RJ-800DVX. The first one fell over last night, with no disk being recognized and a nasty screeching sound as it tried to seek. The one I got in return from Canada Computers was DOA with the same problem. The new unit is quite different – it has a much cheaper looking remote, and now has a SCART socket as well as VGA on the back. This one works, for now at least.

the moving image

Okay, so after a week or more of tinkering, I’ve got some class of output from the Plextor TV402U TV tuner. It’s hardly what you’d call a watchable image — I blame the antenna placement — but it’s a start.

Now all I need is for MythTV to start not stopping working …