am I good, or what?

Presenting the Stewart C. Russell not-patent pick holder:

stewart's pick holder

Yes, it’s just a plastic eraser with knife cuts in it cable-tied to the guitar stand. It works, and both items were in my kitchen drawer. Now I’ll always be able to take my pick …

take your …

picks, various

Just a few of the guitar picks I’ve tried (though the one at the top is a felt uke pick). I got a bunch of Fender celluloid picks at The 12th Fret today, and they could be good. The huge one at the bottom is indeed homemade, made from two sheets of wood veneer laminated together with the grain offset 90°.

There’s a tale about the Kinky Friedman one.

the “do not clue” list

Ever get one of those sales call-centre calls where you get some automated message before an operator picks up? We get a lot of those, and usually it’s fairly easy to tell they’re automated.

The one I just got was somewhat lacking in clues of configuration: “This is the default message for the live person message.”

I so hung up on them.