goatee-stroking musing, or something

Recipe: Hurled Eggs

From Phil Austen’s The Big Jewel:



Submitted by: Tandom Koolzip of Peeorhea, Indianolapolis

“This is a recipe that was tossed to me by someone claiming to be my grandmother.”

Preparation time: Instantaneous


Someone to throw eggs at

That’s all she wrote. In old-fashioned script.


Wind Things

Schultze Gets The Blues

from Schultze gets the Blues
It’s German, it’s funny (no, really), and it has wind turbines in it. Horst Krause is wonderful as the retired and bewildered Schultze, as he makes his quest for musical identity in the Deep South.


Whether Or Not We Care, It Shows!

Just finished Laura Penny‘s snarky, angry, funny, clever Your Call Is Important To Us, on the pervasiveness of bullshit. This is basically a book that Bill Hicks never got to write. It’s delightful.

(the subject’s a line from the ever-hilarious Fertnel Snak Food Corporation, btw).

goatee-stroking musing, or something


Heartlands; a fine British romantic comedy, in that it’s neither particularly romantic, nor particularly funny. It’s a meandering vision-quest on a Honda C50 by a lovelorn darts-obsessed newsagent. But it’s got music by Kate Rusby, and Royd Moor wind farm makes a guest appearance, so it’s okay by me.

o canada

Rick Mercer’s Blog

Stupid and talking, my favorite combination in a politician.

— from Rick Mercer’s Blog.


now reading: Jean Shepherd

Jean Shepherd‘s In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. I have rather a failing for the works of midwestern humorists, and Shep reads like a hopped-up Garrison Keillor. You’d like him.