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After discussion with the other list managers, we've decided to end
our policy of asking that list members not "top post" their replies.
That's the default behavior of most email clients, and just reminding
people of our recommendation to "bottom post" or interleave your
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forward, top posting is no longer an issue.

Dan Knight, list owner
publisher, LowEndMac.com

cornflakes and cheez whiz

That’s what the queue-jumper had; cornflakes and cheez whiz, nothing more. When he stepped up to the line next to mine, he plunked his goods on the conveyor as if by right. The bemused guy behind him looked as if he was just about to challenge him several times, but this is Canada. Queue-jumping guy just stod there rodentlike, chewing gum, looking round at everyone — everyone, that is, except Bemused Guy — to say, “You got a problem with this?”

I guess if you lived on cornflakes and cheez whiz, that kind of behaviour would come naturally.