goatee-stroking musing, or something Wind Things

farewell to the 13th floor

Well, this was my last day at EPCOR. The last two and a bit years have been fun.

It’s strange to think that I can fit my entire desk contents into one file box:

all my desk stuff in one box

I also made sure I didn’t break with tradition:

the customary lone paperclip

General Wind Things

We have turbines running at Kingsbridge!

We have turbines running at Kingsbridge! Here’s the official news release.

(I had a picture here, but it wsn’t very good. Sorry.)

computers suck o canada

Times & Seasons

It’s definitely spring, for today I saw:

  • the first geese flying north
  • my first spam in my inbox at EPCOR.
o canada

heading east

Well, that’s me heading back east from Edmonton. It was fun to meet the rest of the team at EPCOR.

Wind Things

Good Morning, Mr Edmonton

I just accepted a job with Edmonton-based utility EPCOR, to be a manager for their Ontario wind projects. It’ll be based in Toronto.

(Look, I know the oM song is Good Morning Mr Edminton, but it’s too good a line to waste, okay?)