computers suck

.info – wasn’t that an Amiga thing?

It’s sad, but it was free:

computers suck

disgruntled domain for sale


… is for sale. Enquire within. Being perfectly gruntled, I have no need for it.

If you are a disgruntled former employee, or would like to start a forum for disgruntled former employees, this would be perfect.

General goatee-stroking musing, or something


Thanks to Paul Hart, who pointed me to 1&1 in the first place.

Massive thanks to official man o’ pairts* Jeff Walker, who helped me set up Movable Type, and who hosts my existing blog.

If this had been back in Amiga days, I’d definitely write a demo with greets in a scrolly sine-wave message …

*: Scots for mensch.


new, fast, automatic domain

I didn’t really believe that 1&1 were offering 500MB free hosting for three years, and domain registration for only USD 6/year. But I signed up anyway, and got my domain of choice.