Times New ROT13 (and Times New Caesar)

If you’re wondering why the lower line has a load of squigglies when it appears identical to the one above, open the linked PDF and copy some of the text. Looks a bit squiffy, no?

I’m messing with your head here by splitting the encoding of the characters from the appearance of the glyphs, and using the old rot13 cypher to do it. This will really mess up the new MS Office “Edit PDF as text” schtick. Please note I’m doing this for lulz, not to break accessibility; that would be as the kids today say, a dick move.

Here’s the font: TimesNewROT13.

Since Times is both New and Roman, I thought I’d add some old roman by making a Caesar Cypher version. I don’t think I’ve done this quite right, but it works if you use the following shell command as an encoder:

tr '[A-C][D-Z][a-c][d-z]' '[D-Z][A-C][d-z][a-c]'

Here it is: TimesNewCaesar. I’ll fix it soon enough.

(Note that ROT13 fonts have been done before …)