“… that Chinese instruction manual font”

(this is an old post from 2021 that got caught in my drafts somehow)

Mike asked:

To which I suggested:

English text in MOESongUN monospaced serif font"
"You mean this one?
This is MOESongUN from Taiwan"

Not very helpful links, more of a thought-dump:

First PostScript font: STSong (华文宋体) was released in 1991, making it the first PostScript font by a Chinese foundry [ref: Typekit blog — Pan-CJK Partner Profile: SinoType]. But STSong looks like Garamond(ish).

A table of the latin characters @, A-Z, [, \, ], ^, _, `, a-z and { in STSong half-width latin, taken from fontforge

Maybe source: GB 5007.1-85 24×24 Bitmap Font Set of Chinese Characters for Information Exchange. Originally from 1985, this is a more recent version: GB 5007.1-2010: Information technology—Chinese ideogram coded character set (basic set)—24 dot matrix font.

half-width Latin text table from Chinese standard GB 5007.1-85

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