Fixed WordPress memory problems on 1and1

A ½-cup of Pasta
A ½-cup of Pasta

Well … sorta. I can’t upload any size of image, but previously I was limited to about 0.3MP (640×480). Now I can upload up to about 1.5MP without the dreaded Memory error. I can also use WordPress’s Auto Upgrade feature again.

Daddy Hogwash’s “WordPress 3.0 Upgrade Complete after Solving Fatal Error: Out of Memory Issue” is what fixed it. His suggested number of 40M fixed the auto upgrade problem, while I upped it to 64M to get larger images to work with my host,


Update: There is no fix for this. Memory limit on my kind of hosting is ~34M. Any higher is not allowed. This seemed to work for a while, now doesn’t.


  1. You might want to try turning off all the plugins if memory is still an issue. I have it at 96M now.

  2. If you can modify the php.ini via .htaccess you should be able to increase the memory allowed.

  3. There seems to be a hard limit with the 1and1 hosting package I’m on. Doesn’t make any difference.

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