you say homage, I say ripoff

Can you tell the difference?

(awesome sleuthing by fegmaniax)


  1. this track “is it cold in silverlake” was never released, it was a demo that leaked in 2010, it was never intended for release and was a homage to the great robin hitchcock, no court ever contested the song and if you view the body of buddys work you will find zero ripoff’s. the band was never contacted by any court or sent home in any shape or form. get the facts about the music before you start writing unfounded claims.

  2. The grey is correct. Buddy’s work contains “zero ripoffs”. This includes a casette tribute to the Indian band’s masterpiece, “Albummed” which was accidently left on a lorry in Leatherhead, as well as a stolen MIDI version of “PSP 12” (renamed ,in homage to Mendonsa and company, as “SPS 21”) that turned up in a bar in Sacramento.

    Best of all Is a leaked tape of Buddy’s cover of Zero’s cover of Neil Young.

    A triple tribute from an awsome indie combo!!!!

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