Light cyan and light magenta

To echo Thomas’s post about HP light ink usage, my C5150 definitely uses them:

HP C5150 Ink LevelsI think I’m on my second light cyan and magenta, while I’m on my fourth regular cyan and magenta cartridges.

The one thing I have learned not to do is buy the six cartridge photo pack. While it looks a bunch cheaper (typically, $45 for six cartridges + 150 sheets of photo paper), the bundled cartridges have a much lower capacity than the singles – maybe 1/3 less. So you don’t really save anything, create more waste, and end up with far more photo paper than you can use.


  1. so is this really true ?

    the part numbers are indistibgishable, the cases are the same size ?

    I have a photosmart C8180, and its seems to eat random colours, very suddenly !

  2. I think it really might be. The individual cartridges are marked slightly differently – they have a code printed that the photo pack ones lack. They also feel fractionally heavier. They have a different-shaped bar-graph in the ink display – kinda misleading, but that’s what cartridge capacity is all about. Also, the guy in Staples said it was true, so it must be.

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