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this town ain’t big enough for the half of us


My rather weak attempt to show that if something doubles in size, it uses the sum of all its previous endeavour to do so. Source: halves.eps.

One reply on “this town ain’t big enough for the half of us”

A pleasingly eccentric blog/website that chimes exceedingly well with me since I;
1. Visited Toronto recently which is an amazing space age city (for somebody who grew up in the the heartland of the industrial revolution in the UK; all we have left are a great deal of miserable abandoned old buidings, lots of rain, social problems and bedraggled sheep
2. Am involved with the renewable energy industry
3. Ride a folding bike (daily) – labels me as an extreme eccentic in these parts where the aspirational mode of transport is a big German automobile (BMW or Mercedes)

Keep it up.

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