1. how I geotagged the image:

    exiftool -n -GPSMapDatum=”WGS-84″ -gps:GPSLatitude=”41.03420″ -gps:GPSLatitudeRef=”N” -gps:GPSLongitude=”93.76726″ -gps:GPSLongitudeRef=”W” -gps:GPSAltitudeRef=”0″ -GPSAltitude=345 -gps:GPSMeasureMode=3 -City=”Osceola” -State=”Iowa” -Country=”USA” xlx2-20071220-205407.jpg

  2. Okay, let’s try that again, without WordPress mangling the characters …
    exiftool -GPSMapDatum="WGS-84" -gps:GPSLatitudeRef="N" -gps:GPSLongitudeRef="W" -gps:GPSAltitudeRef="0" -gps:GPSMeasureMode=3 -gps:GPSLatitude="43.06633" -gps:GPSLongitude="79.05361" -GPSAltitude=174 -City="Niagara Falls" -State="Ontario" -Country="Canada" thoroughly_modern_monolith.jpg

    or a blank template (most useful for North America, really):
    exiftool -GPSMapDatum="WGS-84" -gps:GPSLatitudeRef="N" -gps:GPSLongitudeRef="W" -gps:GPSAltitudeRef="0" -gps:GPSMeasureMode=3 -gps:GPSLatitude="" -gps:GPSLongitude="" -GPSAltitude= -City=&#34" -State="" -Country=""

  3. That is a great shot of the movie theatre. I am new at Geotagging digital photos and I can see how easy it is to make a mistake. I can use the info you included in this thread to avoid a mistake when I try it. so thanks for putting up both the first try and the second try. Richard

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