ladies and gentlemen, I give you … the hula hoop sandwich!

You will need one bag of plain KP Hula Hoops, some plain bread (aka a square loaf), and some kind of butter-like substance. I used olive spread, as I’m watching my cholesterol (in this case, watching it shoot through the roof).

hula hoop sandwich makin's

Arrange the Hula Hoops on the bread carefully.

hula hoop sandwich makin's

Apply the top slice.

hula hoop sandwich makin's

This is the important bit: squodge it down so the potato snacks can’t escape.

hula hoop sandwich makin's

Eat, and enjoy.


  1. “squodge” is officially my new favorite word.

    also, i don’t think we have hula hoops where i live, because i’m pretty sure if we did i would be eating them right at this very moment.

  2. There are some nasty ersatz hula hoops available in North America. The originals are still the best. I’m sure they’re not as tasty as they were when they used pure hydrogenated fats, ah well …

  3. I prefer the eating-off-the-ends-of-the-fingers technique, but a nice try.

  4. Im eaiting a hula hoop sandwich as we speak! Im so glad im not the only one who enjoys these! 😀

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