mame is lame

I suddenly got a retrogaming jones on, and had a strong need to play Robotron. So I downloaded MAME and some ROMs, but no dice — every archive was missing files. Seems that to get the few games I need, I have to download a 16GB torrent of ever game that MAME supports.

My arcade game sensors withered about 18 years ago, so nothing past about 1988 registers with me. You could probably fit every pre-’88 ROM onto a couple of floppies. And it’s not like I’m not allowed to play the ancient Williams games; I have the Arcade Classics CD somewhere which has the games in licensed (but MAME-incompatible) form.

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  1. Sometimes ROM sets get merged or updated, and older versions of ROMS hanging out there on the net become obsolete because their checksums don’t match the current ROMs that MAME is looking for if you have a newer MAME. Email me if you need working ROMs… I have a big pile of them and know a few sites that are good for them. Or, you can send blank discs to certain kind folks and they will burn you ROMs for free.

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