QuickBooks timer = teh w31rd

It’s now showing Sh12rt Date for the date entry field; what gives?

Update: Now it’s doing this:—
more qbtimer weirdness

and then dying with this:—
yet more qbtimer weirdness


  1. This is what I just wrote to the QuickBooks Forums:
    I contract for a small wind energy consultancy. We’ve been using QuickBooks Timer happily — apart from the odd crash — for more than a year.

    On 28 November 2005, Timer started to behave very strangely. Instead of showing the current date in a new job item, it showed the string ‘Sh12rt Date’. The job duration was shown as ‘hh:mm’; not the date format, the actual characters hh:mm. I could enter any duration I wanted, but it always showed up in the history as ‘hh:mm’. Trying to edit one of these entries caused Timer to get stuck in a loop, saying ‘Invalid time format’ every time I clicked okay.

    I exported my hours for the month, and discovered there were *no* valid job durations for the whole month. Everything was stored as the text ‘hh:mm’.

    Reinstalling Timer, and starting a new timer database made no difference. I tried this several times, to no avail.

    The version of Timer we got with Quickbooks (Premier 2004) is rather old. I don’t think it plays well with Windows 2000 SP4. Is there a newer version available for download?

    I’m guessing I can’t get my November hours back, but has this problem been seen before?


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