no cheers for VIA Rail

The train journey back from Montreal last night should have taken about four hours, but it took nearer eight. Seems there was a derailment near Belleville, so we were sat on the train for three hours (just metres from Belleville station; had we known, we would have got out and walked somewhere). Then a bus came, and we got into Toronto about 1am.

I suspect, given that the speed the bus went (187km in under two hours), he’d been told by VIA to get us in before 1:15, the cut-off time that would have given us an 100% refund. As is, I suspect we’ll only get 50%, as that’s the refund for up to four hours. Grr.


  1. you were in montreal? lucky duck… where did you go? what did you do?

  2. At least VIA had enough organization to put a bus on for you; there was a double breakdown in January that resulted in people being stuck in Belleville all night. Brr! Details available via Google when you search for “VIA passengers stranded overnight”

    There must be something about Belleville… 🙂

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