mini-itx progress

Things are progressing well with the mediabox. I just got wireless networking going from boot, after installing the $23 wireless-g router. The only things I have to get going are:

  • X running under the VIA Unichrome Pro accelerated driver; it’s using VESA, so is hardly fast. Look’s like I might have to build from source from Ivor. Gentoo’s unstable xorg-x11 distribution does the job.
  • DVD playback; the drive doesn’t seem to understand/decrypt the disc structure, even with libdvdcss installed. regionset is your friend.
  • TV decoder; still not decided what card/box to buy, so it’s a way off yet.
  • Logitech QuickCam Messenger; haven’t even tried, though reports of support look reasonable. Yup, qc-usb-messenger to the rescue!

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  1. Good luck with the mini-ITX. Sadly, VIA’s own drivers lag a long way behind , and tend to be kernel specific, leving you adrift if you want to compile on a more up to date distro. It is possible to get it working though – but it depends what else you want to do with the box.

    Anyway, I charge you with being *THE* Stewart C Russell, of JAM and Amiga Computing fame, and I claim my autographed mousemat…

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