ugly-ass car

ugly-ass Scion xB car
We saw lots of these when we were down south: the Scion xB. Thankfully, they haven’t made it to Canada yet.

I thought at first it was a special-needs vehicle; with low sills and high door tops, it seems pretty accessible. But then again, such a vehicle needn’t be quite so horrible (like the old Invacar).

But now I discover that this car is being marketed to the ‘youth’ segment. What!? I used to draw things like this when I was three years old.



  2. Yes. I must agree. A 108hp Kleenex box on 14 inch “rims” doesn’t exactly make me giddy…*snores off to sleep*

  3. Ah, the deathless prose of the car lobby …

    Round these parts, “homo” is full cream milk.

  4. Oh is this an America vs. Canada thing? Just like an American to turn it into that. I won’t even bother bringing up one of a billion criticisms I could make about your country. about the car….

    it’s a car! who gives a crap?

    I own a Scion XB. It’s drives well. It’s simple. It’s roomy and I’m a musician so that’s good. And it gets roughly 600 city kms per tank. When I drive it around, I’m happy that I’ve got my entire band’s gear in the car and I’m spending less than half of what an American car would spend on gas. Sounds like people are still judging books by their cover tho. shame.

  5. rofls, I love these americans getting all bent out of shape over nothing… Its a dope ass car, i know not your typical american car, Big, noisy, powerhouse, gas guzzling etc etc but it gets the job done and looks sexy i might add. Now go log off, hop into your twin turbo diesel truck thats never been used to haul anything in its life and complain about fuel prices driving you into the ground. Meanwhile ill fill this puppy up about once every 3-4 weeks and call it a day.

  6. It’s kind of an ugly car, still I think they’re pretty good on gas.

  7. ha! Your line “I used to draw things like this when I was three years old” made me laugh out loud. It DOES look like a kids’ drawing of a car. Or orthopedic car.
    I’m with you about the looks – not too attractive. But if it’s that good on gas, maybe I could learn to love it….

    Some of these comments make me really sad. Ouch man – how dumb.

  8. Ha I would love to see what piece of shit car you drive… maybe this xb’s rims are too small, and it may not be the nicest but scions are easily the nicest affordable cars out there right now.

  9. I do agree that leave it up to americans to make this into an american canadian battle. its better on top neways. but i do have a comment to make about the car… this one specifically isnt that nice on the eyes yes… but there are way nicer ones out there. my ex bought one that was yes, imported fr the states, and its a pretty kewl car. i will admit at first i fucking hated it but i got used to it. it is VERY roomy considering how tiny it looks. but i’ll tell u we drove a 3 person leather couch from new west to vancouver… about an hours drive for those of u who dont know where im talking about. so beat that! and he does fill it up every 2 weeks or so… but thats about all i have to say about this! have a good day eh! ha ha we rock!

  10. The Scion XB is claimed to be the most reliable car to date (Consumer Reports)and when I first saw it I was repulsed by it’s appearance.Then I heard it was a Toyota product so I figured it must be just a well functioning (I love my RAV4)no frills sport utility trying to save money on design by boxing it up.Over time the boxy little cars grew on me and I started to like their appearance!I recently took one for a test drive and was impressed with the ride and acceleration,handling and overall solid feel of this little dynamo ,the only drawback being no all wheel drive,when they come out with 4wheel I know Ill have to have one!

  11. Yes, but all cars come with four wheel brakes. Far better to have front-wheel drive and snow tyres when it gets icy.

  12. I think this is a hilarious post!…with messages spanning 3 YEARS! who knew people would get so personally bent over a funny blog about a car…

    hahaha…i’m an american scion owner…and the car is totally ugly.

    still…saves me a Sh!+ load of cash in the gas tank….

  13. What’s that?! Is it a car really? I can’t believe someone drives it…of course if he is not a crazy one

  14. Yes, I agree, that car is one of the ugliest in the world. But if someone give it out to me, I would kiss it and cherish it more than my girlfriend.

  15. Well. I have a Scion xB and I absolutely love it. I think it’s the best car in the world. The last thing I would call it is ugly. It’s a great car.

  16. I own a scion “toaster” xb and i love it. Just because you dont like it doesnt make it ugly. It is a car that isnt for everyone but at least it is different.

  17. The first generation of Scion xB is a rare car in Canada , given they’re all either special ordered from Japan or export from the US . So it is quite well liked by the jdm community

  18. This is hilarious, I’m from California and I just bought one of these in hot lava orange and a black hood, I hated the look of it until 8 got I side the car, it’s huge inside, gas gauge is weird. I love how you can get 31 mpg in the city. I don’t care 2hat it looks like as long as it gives me what I want 😊 . Yes it is a bit ugly at first but once you drive 0ne you will most likely change your mind,at least a little. Ps, I love Canadians and canada

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