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Pilot-DB Open Source Database Program for PalmOS

pilot-db record view page
I’ve been playing with Pilot-DB Open Source Database Program for PalmOS, in advance of using it with a real project.

It’s a very capable flat-file database. As long as you’re not expecting SQL complexity, it does what it says on the tin.

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So…will it ever replace HanDBase? I’m trying to run HanDBase with Wine, but it sucks! I just started messing with pilot-db, and I find that it , too, doesn’t hot sync, but rather replaces itself upon backup! Rather inefficient… seems like a conduit would be nice, especially if it linked to JPilot-db desktop. I’m using HanDBase with PrintBoy, and it works surprisingly well, but it’s difficult to get data into and out of MySQL database. Forgive me, I’m just ranting!

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