When astroturfing a blog, don’t do it from the office …

Longo’s shoot themselves in the foot by pretending to be loyal customer commenting on my blog.

Ah, the Grocery Gateway/Longo’s buyout debacle. I thought it was but a distant memory until I received this comment to the blog. Here it is, in its raw, uncommented, unedited form:

Author : Bob C (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
I have been ordering from Grocery Gateway throughout the entire mess, and they have really improved. Finally I can get all that I need, on time, and in reasonably good condition. What they need is to carry all the products on Longos stores (Longos is excellent) and debit.

Look at the posting address:, aka Yeah, that’d be a Longo’s employee trying to be teh smrt d00d and pretending to be a loyal, and above all not-in-any-way-related-to-Longo’s, customer.

Jings, what do corporate lackeys have for brains these days?

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