torrent: Mayor McCA, Lee’s Palace, 18 June 2004

Mayor McCa
Lee’s Palace, Toronto
18th June 02004

172MB, FLAC format

Set List

I’m So Poor. Buy My CD : 4’13”
That’s A Wrap : 3’14”
Hey Man, You Gotta Nice Job : 4’58”
I Got A Haircut : 3’11”
Funky Fresh Beets : 7’45”
I Can’t Pay The Rent : 3’13”
You Better Watch Out : 4’34”

Recording Details

Audience recorded by Stewart C. Russell
Sony ECM-909A microphone -> iRiver H120 digital WAV recorder
(Direct digital file transfer to host Linux box)
Tracks split using Audacity
Levels normalized using the ‘normalize’ command-line tool.

This recording was made with CA Smith’s permission.

About the Artist

CA “Mayor McCa” Smith — One-man Band Singing Sensation, Cartoonist,
Tapdancer, almost-Mayor of Hamilton, ON — is probably best explained by
visiting his website: <>.

MP3s live here.


  1. Well, I’m very interested … I just heard him on the CBC Radio 3 podcast and think he’s fantastic. Could we arrange a transfer?

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