big bogging box

Every day, I walk past some fields in Burlington. They’re alive with the ringing of crickets, the autumn crops are coming on nicely, and Canada geese pad around warily. Idyllic, no?

Today I discover that this is slated to become a Wal-Mart. Yuk! Can there be anything more hideous than a Wal-Mart? Always Low Wages … Always! should be their motto. Catherine’s hometown square has been destroyed by a gargantuan Mal-Wart just outside the city limits. These stores are ugly, and they smell.

I don’t often find myself agreeing with a Toronto Sun columnist, but Marianne Meed Ward wrote:

What’s right and fair is a living wage. Until Wal-Mart (and other discount retailers, restaurants and businesses) provide it, it’s not ethical to shop there.

in her June 27th column, titled Lining up for poverty.

So, please, Burlington Ontario doesn’t need another Wal-Mart. It needs green spaces.

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