Getting my fortran head together

It’s very strange to be getting back into a language as different to Perl as it is possible to be. I’m fairly conversant with the weird bits of Perl — map, grep, hash usage, objects — but Fortran has a completely different toolkit

That’s not to say it’s a bad toolkit, just very different, F’rinstance, trying to find all the distinct values in an array. In Perl, you just walk through a hash, parallel to the array, incrementing each key for every value found. In Fortran — well, it’s a different story.


  1. fortran?I know enought about ‘puters to cost me money, but did not that go out in 1987?

  2. You might have thought so, but Fortran does have the advantage extremely fast operation, and huge libraries that have been maturing for over 40 years.

  3. has it progresssed from the cards and cardreaders, and that lovely green and white striped paper of which we made so many scratch pads from.
    I remember its advantages, the down falls were the medium on which it was programed. one card, absent mindedly chewed a bit on the corner would dump your whole program. I presume that it has progressed from there.

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