The Remarkable Bob Levitt

Bob Levitt — on a budget of $0 — has built one of the most remarkable and useful websites I’ve ever seen: Toronto Tenants. If you’re a tenant in Toronto (as more than half of the city’s residents are), Bob’s site is a gold mine.

He’s taken the time to build a comprehensive site, with no concessions to commerciality. He’s even researched Google’s linking algorithm to make sure that his site ranks way up there. His attention to detail — including providing common typos, such as tennant, as search keywords — goes far beyond that of most sites.

In short, it’s a labour of love. Talking to Bob, it’s clear that he wants tenants in the Megacity (and beyond) to be safely and happily housed, and to know their rights.

Just as I thought that the web was turning into a global electronic Wal*Mart, Bob restores my faith in humanity. Keep up the good work, Bob!


  1. What I liked best about his site was all the info on black toxic mold and removing it.

    I added the link to his apartment health page which has this and links to another page where he has piles and piles of reputable research on the effects of toxic mold.

  2. Yah, he is like a good [NGO] Non Governmental Organization amongst the majority of bad NGO’s.

    Before I had got to see that Levitt’s website seemed to imply a good underlying philosophy about the war of the rich to steal from the disadvantage, I had once got a hold of his phone number and referred to his “labour of love” as the work of a WEBMASTERbator. He hung up in my ear.

    I don’t think he is yet out of hiding these days, because he has had several personal threats from the 28 year old tenants association which is run by the city of Toronto. Don’t go there because it is a front group that is so very well diguised as a respectable, and firmly entrenched and integrated into the Toronto politician/NGO network that you will not be able to find out that this is a front group without a lot of detective work. The few politicians who see through the scam are too afraid for their careers

    (( PS – I was watching CPAC the cable tv’s political channel the other day. Governor General Clarkson and her husband John Ralston Sauls were passing out ‘The Order of Canada’ annual awards to the corporatists and the elite. How come the common folk are so overlooked. I nominate Mr Robert Levitt.))

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