How to stay warm, #1: The World’s Longest Serial Cable

the world\
Had to do some field work near Zurich yesterday, and it was way snowy. Only by having the world’s longest serial cable could I stay warm inside the truck while I did diagnostics.


A yellow Chevrolet Corvette soft-top was having a really hard time going up Kennedy Road this morning. It was moving no faster than walking pace, and the back end was fishtailing out at every possible opportunity.

Atanarjuat does the chores

Because I could, I decided to take the trash out barefoot tonight. It was a relatively mild -5°C, and there was about 20cm of really soft snow. I didn’t exactly hang around, but it wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be.


grader snow plough
Yes, they use graders as snowploughs here. Then they have a JCB that follows behind to clear out driveways. You still have to clear out the wall o’ snow that’s left before it freezes, something I learnt the hard way last year.

snow, man

It’s here. We’ve had dustings before, but this looks like it’s here to stay. Hello, winter!

Wish I could make like a groundhog, and see y’all in April …