extremely childish fun with US$1 and a marker pen …

Thanks to Kathy (whose name I have probably misspelled) in Kansas City for showing us this:

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE becomes FART, teehee ...

(please note: no actual US currency was defaced to make this blog posting.)

not top dollar

I briefly visited the Toronto Dollarevent this evening. While I’m a huge fan of local currencies, this one’s a bit too local to claim the Toronto name — looks like it circulated in about two blocks downtown. C’mon, people, Scarborough’s Toronto too … should I found the Scarborough Lek in parallel?

where’s willy?

Okay, so I got a $20 the other day in Scarborough inscribed with See Where I’ve Been… Track it online… www.whereswilly.com. Seems I’m the second-last person on the continent to hear about this little diversion for tracking paper currency. Shame about the name, though.